FAST Feature: Politics of NYFW 2020

Fashion week, historically, has been an opportunity for designers to represent the contemporary zeitgeist, make social statements, enable their customers to do the same, and inspire their audiences to look deeper into what their personal presentation is communicating and contributing. [Read More...]

Spring '20 Pantone Horoscopes

Horoscopes are such an interesting way to interpret the energies in your life and what your current state of mind is like. Colors are also a telling factor of what your personality is like, and as the season’s change, so does the energy around you. Find out which spring ‘20 Pantone color matches your horoscope. [Read More...]
Forever 21 Closing

What is Behind Fast Fashion?

Fashion Week influences the latest styles, but how exactly do these looks become trends, appearing on racks inside shopping malls so quickly? In the midst of Fashion Week, it’s fitting to take a look at the fast fashion industry, an entity which allows shoppers to get their hands on their favorite trends and designs at an incredibly low price and within a very fast time frame. [Read More...]
Travel Tips!

Packing Tips so that You Can Thrive on Your Next Vacation

2020 is just around the corner, and with a new year comes new adventures. One of the most stressful things about travelling is packing. You only have so much space in your suitcase to fill with so many outfits. As someone who has studied abroad before, here are some of the suggestions I wish I followed and mistakes that I’ve made so you don’t have to. [Read More...]
Sustainable Shopping cover thumbnail

The Truth About Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a beacon that shines into the dark world of fast fashion. It is a lifestyle that will have an impact that lasts a lifetime. The environment is already struggling as it is but every step that we take to tackle the repercussions of the second most destructive industry in the world will offer more opportunities to improve the fashion industry and the environment. [Read More...]
gone thrifting? thumbnail of buffalo exchange

Gone Thrifting?

Have you ever thrift shopped before? Know that feeling you get when you find a treasure amongst the hundreds of pieces? With so many different types of people and personalities at Berkeley, you will quickly see that each Cal student has their own unique style. As we continue this fall season, clothes and style will continue to change as Berkeley kids are starting to bundle up for these colder months.[Read More...]
halloweek hits

Halloweek Hits (and the misses you want to avoid)

The hype for Halloween has begun. We have come a long way from trick or treating days, although I am still a big supporter of this tradition; however, now the term is synonymous with a weekend of parties. As you search for your costume or costumes, we want to help you look your best while at the same time being culturally sensitive. [Read More...]
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